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Our self-conception - Your partner in success

The world is changing, and changing faster and faster.

That is why today you need solutions that are different from yesterday's — and tomorrow different ones from today's.

We provide consistency.

One and the same partner to support you for years to come.

Yet at the same time flexibility.

We can mobilise our network around the entire world for your projects, as required.

In this way you can obtain exactly what you need.

At all times — even tomorrow. You can rely on us.

We develop tailor-made solutions that create sustainable value.

PKF Germany is one of the most efficient consulting and auditing networks in Germany. Through intensive cooperation aligned to the clients’ needs we create the added value which we are striving for – for your success.

  • Partner-managed and independent

  • The fourth largest consulting and auditing network in Germany

  • Around Euro 171 million of revenues in 2022

  • Broad customer base: groups of companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, public sector

Presence in Germany

We are there where we are needed.

Proximity to clients is one of our guiding principles. You will always receive personal service and, at the same, have access to the expertise and capabilities in PKF's extensive network.

  • 7 national partner firms

  • 39 national locations

  • Around 1,740 staff

  • Around 385 of whom are public auditors, tax consultants and legal professionals

A global network

We can overcome functional, geographic and linguistic boundaries.

Our international PKF network is of inestimable value for complex, time-critical and transnational projects. We are also able to deal quickly and efficiently with all aspects of the auditing of international consolidated financial statements and transactions.

  • 1969 established

  • 143 countries

  • 500 locations

  • Around 20,000 staff

  • 1,830 of whom are partners

  • 1.8 billion US$ of revenues in 2022

Offering more

Quality, according to our definition, has many facets

  • Committed individuals
    An experienced consultant will be there to provide you with support and will be one hundred percent committed to ensuring that the best solutions are realised for your company.

  • Corporate responsibility
    Despite our size we retain many characteristics of smaller enterprises. This means that we understand your business and our actions, like yours, are independent, responsible and direct.

  • High performing teams
    To this end, we work closely together with each partner within effective structures that have been developed over decades.

  • Professional expertise
    Many of our employees have completed several, frequently international, courses of study and training and have gained extensive foreign experience.

Efficient and effective

Tax Consulting

Including, inter alia, structuring of tax affairs, tax returns, assistance in dealing with the local tax office or the tax court.

Accounting Services

Including, inter alia, payroll and financial accounting, preparation of financial statements, international reporting.


Including, inter alia, financial statements prepared in accordance with national and international accounting principles, all types of special audits.

Corporate Finance

Including, inter alia, business transactions, valuations, restructuring, reorganisation, M&A, financing.

IT-related Services
Corporate Governance
Private Asset Plans
Valuation, Finance, Investment

Support for your worldwide business

Your local partner has close foreign contacts and, for your project, is able to quickly coordinate an international team of experts — one that is focused on a long-term solution, even in complex constellations.


  • International transaction consulting

  • International tax consulting and tax planning

  • International accounting

  • International consolidated financial statements

  • International auditing and reporting packages

  • International value added tax

  • International employee secondment

  • International transfer prices

  • International structuring consulting

  • Hands-on support in setting up foreign locations

Generation-spanning strategies

Family enterprises are a model for success.


We can provide you with holistic support — on the basis of an understanding, developed over the course of decades, of your specific requirements.

  • Continuity
    Consulting with a long-term focus
    Help with loan capital, ratings etc.

  • Family Governance
    Family constitutions, Articles of association

  • Succession and estate planning
    Line of succession solutions, physical division of assets, family buyouts, (family) foundations, divestments

Added value through in-depth expertise

Even though we provide services on an interdisciplinary basis, nevertheless, we are able to generate real added value for you through our sector and specialist knowledge, which goes far beyond what is usual.

  • Banks and Insurance Companies

  • Power Industry

  • Hotel and Tourism Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Trading Companies

  • Public Sector

  • Health Care System and Social Services

  • Agricultural and Production Sectors

  • Capital and Consumer Goods Industries

  • Leasing and Investment Companies

  • Media Technology and IT

  • Textiles Industry

  • Transport Companies

  • Shipping

Locations in Germany


Worldwide the PKF network, with over 1,830 partners and a total of about 20,000 employees, is present at 500 locations in 143 countries and in that way makes sure that we are exactly there on the spot where our clients need us. Our network enables us to bundle resources and expertise from various countries and specialities. The close personal support from one partner remains, also in the international context, the special feature of the PKF network. PKF is your partner on the spot – all over the world.

A list of all PKF offices can be found on the Internet at

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